• Anang Hermansyah
Anang Hermansyah is one of the famous musician in Indonesia. Starting out since his youth, he created a rock band named "Kidnap Katrina".
He also published a single, "Biarkanlah" and "Separuh Jiwaku".
Married to Ashanty, Anang produced the single "Jodohku", which was the TOP 10 song in Indonesia.
Anang Hermansyah also was a member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia for 5 years. He also participated in the making of Music Bills draft.
Anang and Ashanty are known as an entrepreneur couple, together they have several businesses in Indonesia across different industry such as Lumiere artisan patisserie, Ayam Asix ( a restaurant chain ), Slimming Ash Juice, and recently they also reaching out to the world of beauty cosmetics and skincare under Ashanty Beauty Cosmetic and Skincare Aexpert.
  • Ashanty
Ashanty gained recognition in the music industry since 2009. Her name skyrocketed when she became Anang's duet partner.
Not wanting to be known as just a fame-seeker, Ashanty polished her potential in music through her singing. Anang and Ashanty duet released an album, titled "Jodohku" (2011). Through "Jodohku" and "Sumpah Mati" singles, the duet earn many offers to perform in music shows.
She finally succeeded and gain popularity in her music career. She's now showing successes on her businesses. From culinary to cosmetics.
  • About Children
Anang and Ashanty are blessed with four children. Here they are with their own traits.
The eldest, Aurel Hermansyah, followed her father's footstep by becoming a singer. Aurel is married with the famous Indonesian youtuber, Atta Halilintar and they have been blessed with a daughter. This popular couple has more than 20M followers on Instagram.
Next is Azriel Hermansyah. Known to be very close with his sister, Aurel. Azriel is also talented in music. Since they were kids, they've appeared on television. He took photography as his hobby, and majoring in Business and he's also an influencer with 3 Million + followers.
Third, Arsy Hermansyah, a 7 years old girl and known to be one of the most famous young artist in Indonesia. Also following in her father's footstep, she's actively becoming a popular kid singer. Did you know that Arsy has her own Instagram account since she was a baby? Now, her followers have reached more than 7M.
The youngest is Arsya Hermansyah, a 5 years old toddler, and very popular on Instagram with almost 800k followers.
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